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More Information:
1479 - mId height 5x6 shared or teaming stations
Born on dates 2011-2013
10 'spine and 6' perpendicular

Team Stations

All panel's are 24" and 48"

Recon to 6x6 is a breeze

4 phase's
55" H

Project Name: HON
New Used Refurbished: Used
Total Qty Available: 1479
Min. Purchase Qty: 30
Product Status: Still Standing
Exact Spine Length (in.): 120"
Exact Spine Height (in.): 55"
Wing Exact Length (in): 72"
Wing Exact Height (in): 55"
Cube Vertical Profile: Mid Height
Cube Number of Peds: 1
Cube Number of Bins: None
Cube Number of Open Shelves: 1
Cube Number of Laterals: None
Corner Worksurfaces: 1
Rectangular Worksurfaces: 2
Fabric Color: Tan
Trim Paint: Dark putty
Work Surface Color: Off White
Brand/Line: Concensys
Product Age: 6-10 years
Product Condition (1-10) (10 is best): 8
Date Available: Phased
Alternative contact for this project: Greg Morris
Alternative email contact for this project:
Project Location for Google Maps: 123 Example Street City, State Zip: Dallas, TX
Approximate cube footprint : 5x6
Cube Manufacturer: Hon